What to Expect Regarding Obstetrical Care

During pregnancy, it is important that medical care is available at all times. As a group practice, Garden State OB-Gyn Associates, an Axia Women's Health Care Center, is able to provide this. One of our physicians is on call around-the-clock. When the time comes and you are in labor, a physician will stay with you in the hospital until your child is born. Meanwhile, the other physicians are at the office seeing other patients. From mother and babyexperience, we know this multi-physician approach ensures you receive the attention you deserve during the birthing process and have convenient access to a doctor when you need it. Since it is impossible to predict which physician will be on call when you go into labor, we encourage you to meet with all our doctors throughout the course of your pregnancy. However, during your prenatal visits, you may decide to focus your care with several of us.  We support either choice, understanding with the later choice there is a possibility you may not have met the physician who delivers your baby.  All of our providers and staff will continuously strive to make your pregnancy an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Schedule for Routine Prenatal Visits

At each routine visit, your weight is checked as well as blood pressure and urine.  The physician or nurse practitioner will listen to fetal heart beat, check uterine size and discuss any problems or concerns.  Various screening and diagnostic testing will be addressed at certain time intervals during your prenatal visits. Should you have a question at any time during your pregnancy, please do not hesitate to contact our office 856-424-3323. 

Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy is an amazing experience. Click here to learn more about your baby's growth and the changes taking place within your body. 

Screening and Diagnostic Testing

We are happy to announce that we now do onsite lab draws for your convenience.

Screening Tests:

Testing is available in pregnancy to screen for certain birth defects.  Below is information regarding currently available testing. 

Ultrasound is offered at approximately 20 weeks of the pregnancy to screen for physical defects in the fetus.  Examples of these include heart defects and spina bifida.  If there is a family history of a particular problem such as a heart defect, a targeted ultrasound of that body system may be offered. 

Various tests are available to screen for Down syndrome and Trisomy 18, chromosomal young familyabnormalities that may occur in the fetus, associated with varying levels of mental retardation and physical defects.  Screening tests have the advantage of being non-invasive, meaning they pose no risk to the pregnancy in comparison to diagnostic testing, discussed later.  Screening tests assess your risk for a particular disorder, they do not diagnose.  These tests can be reassuring to couples who do not desire invasive testing.

There is yet another screening test for high risk patients called cell free DNA. This test involves drawing blood from the mother. Fetal DNA can be detected in the maternal blood. This test can screen for Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), Edward syndrome (Trisomy 18) and Trisomy 13. It is reported to detect over 99% of Trisomy 21 and 18 , and 91.7% of Trisomy 13 with false positive rates under 1%. It can also screen for sex chromosome abnormalities such as Turner syndrome (a missing X chromosome in a girl), Klinefelter syndrome (XXY), Triple X syndrome and 47 XYY with a detection rate of 96% and again false positives under 1%. This test has not yet been validated in low risk populations.

These are relatively new screening tests, and some insurance companies are not entirely covering the moderate cost, or are not covering it at all. If you are interested in these tests, we will refer you to the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center at Virtua , Voorhees. These tests are not done at our office.

Quad Screen, a blood test performed at approximately 16 weeks that assesses your baby's risk for Down syndrome, Trisomy 18, neural tube defects and abdominal wall defects.  This test is less sensitive in detecting chromosomal abnormalities than the sequential screen.  However, it is usually covered by your insurance. 

Maternal Serum Alpha-fetoprotein test, performed between 15 and 22 weeks, screens only for neural tube defects and abdominal wall defects.  It does not give good information concerning chromosomal defects. 
These noninvasive tests described are available to mothers of all ages.  However, over the age of 37, the screening tests are unlikely to reduce your risk of a chromosomal abnormality much below your age related risk. 

Diagnostic Tests:

Diagnostic tests, such as  chorionic villi sampling and amniocentesis are over 99% accurate.  These tests will report your baby's chromosomes, i.e. XX or XY, normal or abnormal.  The advantage of these tests is in their accuracy.  Their disadvantage is in that there is a small risk of miscarriage related to the procedure. This risk will be reviewed in detail by a Genetic Counselor prior to the test to aid you in making this decision.   Couples that choose this route are willing to absorb the small risk of procedure-related complications because this information is important to them.

None of these tests guarantee that your baby will not have a problem.  We are able to detect the majority of major and minor birth defects, but some are not identified prior to birth. 

A physician or nurse practitioner will review these options with you during your prenatal visits. Our office will also provide educational pamphlets on these tests so you and your partner or spouse can review after your visit. To review additional information regarding various testing options during your pregnancy visit mytestingoptions.com.

Obstetrical Services At Our Facility

Our practice is certified by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine.  As an Obstetrical patient you can schedule recommended ultrasounds at our location based on your insurance plan requirements. Our current policy is to screen all pregnant women with ultrasound at approximately 20 weeks.  For our patients that have obstetrical or medical complications in pregnancy such as diabetes or hypertension we are able to provide many of the tests such as non-stress tests and biophysical profiles at our facility.  Some insurance companies do not allow us to perform certain testing procedures in our office.  In this case, our staff will assist you with referrals to the proper facility.  All of  our clinicians are trained to manage high risk issues in pregnancy.  Information specific to your medical needs is reviewed by our high risk coordinator and monitored at every visit.  Our practice also works closely with a team of physicians, counselors and technologists at the Maternal Fetal Medicine Center at Virtua.  With every pregnancy from your initial visit to the delivery, as a patient at Garden State OB-Gyn you will experience the highest level of care and compassion. 

Delivery and Childbirth Classes

We perform our deliveries at the maternity center at Virtua Hospital on Rt. 73 in Voorhees and at Virtual Hospital. The physician on call from our practice will meet you at the Labor and Delivery Unit and work closely with the support staff at Virtua. We are confident your birth experience will be personal and memorable. Virtuababy.org is a web site that provides extensive information of all the services at Virtua for both you and your baby. We encourage you to visit this site and learn more about the admission process, childbirth classes, breastfeeding and other healthy programs for you and your newborn. Although childbirth classes are not mandatory, these classes are extremely beneficial to your total obstetrical experience. These classes can help prepare you and your partner or labor coach for what happens during the birthing process.

The maternity centers at Virtua provide comprehensive & sophisticated care from advanced antenatal testing & pre natal support through labor & delivery. With excellent family centered nursing staff, the hospitals offer those options that you desire, including private patient rooms, providing personal space for optimum healing & infant bonding as well as family centered labor, delivery & post partum care. Also available is a Level III (Voorhees) and Level II (Mt. Holly) Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) staffed by neonatologists (high risk pediatricians). A pediatrician is in the hospital 24 hours a day for emergencies, and 24 hour anesthesia coverage is also provided. Please visit www.virtua.org for additional information and directions to the hospital.

UPCOMING CLASSES: The Basics of Labor & Delivery
Suitable for Patients in their 3rd Trimester

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018 from 5:30 - 8:30pm
Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 from 5:30 - 8:30pm

Location: Garden State Obstetrical & Gynecological Associates
Facilitated by: Lauren Butler, CNM
Fee: $50 per Class / includes:

Class Limit: 10 Couples
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Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking provides the unique opportunity for parents to save the stem cells found in the blood of their newborn's umbilical cord.  This blood remains in the umbilical cord after your baby has been delivered and the cord has been cut.  The collection procedure is of no risk to the mother and newborn.  The preservation of these stem cells allows families the benefit of having them available for future medical treatments.  We encourage you to review the educational material available at www.cordblood.com. A physician or nurse practitioner will discuss your decision with you prior to your expected delivery date.

Pregnancy Hotline

For answers regarding exposure to medications, chemicals, infections and environmental concerns that might pose a risk during pregnancy, call 1-800-733-4727.

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